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School Service, Repairs, and Installations. 



Getting the Job Done Right

We have ONE goal, offering the highest quality services to all our customers. We want to get the job done right the first time, our highly intelligent team can accomplish that!

Our Services


NZL Equipment has the knowledge and resources to make sure your equipment is in tip top shape. This is beyond beneficial in avoiding accidents, injuries, etc. 


As we all know equipment is used a lot which makes repairs unavoidable. Luckily our intelligent crew specializes in bringing your equipment back to not only working condition but excellent condition.


We specialize in getting the job done right. That's why so many trust us to install their new equipment!


When dealing with such complicated equipment it's difficult to conclude how safe your equipment is. Our licensed crew can inspect your equipment to assure safeness.  

Bringing Your Projects to Reality.

An Intelligent Team

One Goal

20+ Years of Experience

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